The Puppet Show

“You will just have to imagine reader, as unfortunately, that is all us writers have to rely upon- the power of words and your ability to imagine.” – The Puppet Show

Scaena is a store like no other. Located in Eastern Europe, somewhere along the Danube, everybody who is anybody can be found there. The lights are blinding, the music, deafening and the people… they were beautiful.

When the poor, orphaned Candidus lands her new job at Scaena, she gains the family she had always wanted. Store owner, Dom and his wife Luna, look over her like the parents she never had. She is now living a life of luxury up in the house above Scaena, with the rest of the girls who make up Dom’s Little Stars. As Candidus competes against the rest of  the girls to be the star of the show, she begins to realise that all is not as it seems behind the scenes of this magnificent store.

Out on the shop floor, customers experience the glitz and glamour of Scaena, but backstage the store is rife with secrets. There is a terrible tale hidden deep within the  walls of Scaena and this narrator wants the story to be told. When Candidus uncovers the truth, she must decide what her next move will be…



One thought on “The Puppet Show

  1. So I eventually got round to checking out your website and had a peak at this page on it. When you releasing the rest I’ll get a copy like I said I would a long time ago back when we worked together, I’m actually interested in reading more of it. Give me the deets and I’ll get it but I do expect you to sign a copy of it for me also.

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