Our tale begins in some vague, Eastern European city- somewhere along the Danube River. Set back from the river is Kossuth Street. If you go to Kossuth street and head south, take a left, then a right, spin around a few times and then take two more lefts, you will arrive on Nova Street. It is here, on Nova Street, that the letters of Scaena stood, mighty and majestic, glittering gold above Candidus’ head.

You’re lucky, you’ve arrived just in time! The red drapes of Scaena are being peeled back and the store is opening today. I’d like you to accept my invitation and join me inside. It will be an experience like no other and I promise you a great show, filled with mystery, grandeur and even a little peril.

If your purses or wallets aren’t marked with the Scaena S, why even carry them? If your shoes aren’t Scaena leather, then why even wear them? You can walk out of Scaena empty handed, or you can walk out beautiful, the choice is yours… or perhaps you won’t walk out at all.