“She too had found herself enthralled in the beautiful enigma that was Roseus.” – The Puppet Show

Who is Roseus?

Roseus is Dom’s ‘Shooting Star.’ She enthrals and captivates everyone around her with her mysterious and alluring ways. All of the girls in Scaena want to be her- they all want to take her title of Shooting Star. She parades around with the famous fire opal jewel around her neck, but fears it may be stolen from her at any moment. As of yet, none of the girls have had any luck, but will the new girl Candidus knock Roseus from the top? Or will Rose’s dark and devious ways destroy Candidus before she gets the chance? Either way, the girls need to watch their back because, sometimes, “those we should really fear live under our very roof, sit next to us at the dinner table and sleep just down the hall…”

What does she look like?

“Flame haired” – The Puppet Show

“A familiar face stood central in the crowd, framed by the same rusty red bold of hair” – The Puppet Show

“A star ablaze with red among a crowd of snuffed flames” – The Puppet Show

“Stood with her sweetheart face constantly tilted to the right” – The Puppet Show

“Her scarlet locks streamed behind her every dainty step and her cheeks remained constantly blushed” – The Puppet Show

“The girl stood with her left eye brow raised in a constant look of distrust” – The Puppet Show