L.S. Harvey Shorts

About a year ago, whilst slaving away on my novel The Puppet Show, I tried my hand at writing short stories and absolutely fell in love with this form of writing. The short story can sometimes be more difficult to write than the novel, as you have less words and pages to introduce your reader to the story’s world and characters. However, I fell in love with writing short stories due to the rapid rate at which they can be produced. Throughout lengthy novel writing, short stories keep me sane and allow me to focus my creative energies elsewhere for a change- so as to not get stuck in a rut working continuously on one thing. They also allow me to, alongside my novel (which is taking me a long time to write) produce some finished work for my readers.

Under L.S. Harvey Shorts you will find a collection of my short stories. These shorts range from 2000 words – 5000 words and are mostly unrelated to each other. Some of them raise wider social issues and some are for pure entertainment. Please do not hesitate to comment your opinions on the bottom of each page and debate about any issues raised throughout my tales. Of course, you can always contact my email if you have any queries about my stories.


Shake if off feature picture
Shake it off
behind the glass photo
Behind the Glass
funny honey cropped
My Funny Honey


freckles 2











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