“When I began to create Candidus, I had a blank canvas. She could have looked like anyone- but I decided to keep her blank.” – The Puppet Show

Who is Candidus?

Candidus is defined by the narrator of The Puppet Show as the story’s protagonist. In a literary sense, this could be argued to be true. Essentially, this poor, orphaned girl is with whom our story starts. Candidus is the hinge in which our story is connected- the character who we experience Scaena life with.

Like Candidus, us readers are outsiders to everything that is Scaena. As she joins the Scaena family, we join alongside her. As she discovers Scaena’s secrets, so do we. Candidus battles with antagonist, Rose, throughout the story in order to gain rank at the top of the Scaena hierarchy. She wants to replace Rose and become Dom’s next ‘Shooting Star.’ In order to gain this status, she must stand out from the rest of the Little Stars (Penny, Boux and Fliss) and fight her way to the top. Candidus was always the plain girl who faded away behind the scenes- never has she been the star of the show.

As Candidus begins to climb her way to the top, she has to hammer and forge herself a character that will stand out and not go unnoticed. However, when she discovers the secrets of Scaena, she begins to realise that she must corrupt herself, in order to do so. Will she do what is right? Or will the pull of stardom and finally fitting in prevail? For in the world of The Puppet Show, “corruption is at the heart of all that is truly beautiful.”

What does she look like?

“Dull grey eyes”- The Puppet Show

“Her chalky skin matched her sunken eyes and waxen hair. The only feature Candidus obtained that didn’t match the description of a walking corpse was her lips, which sat curled red beneath her pointed nose.”- The Puppet Show

“Words cannot describe how sensationally mundane she is.”- The Puppet Show